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New Beginnings…Discover Yourself All Over Again!

So many of us set intentions for the new year; we make resolutions, we resolve to do better in different areas of our lives and strive to leave bad habits by the wayside. Do you stick to these changes for the new year? Do you know why you’re even making these changes? I can say with complete honesty, I have definitely fallen through on many of my “resolutions” in the past.

So what can we do to stick to the changes we want to make in our lives? Dolly said it so eloquently; Find out who you are and DO IT ON PURPOSE! We have to truly want change, we need to know if we can align these resolutions with who WE want to become and also if they are practical in our lives. Don’t let the practicality of it all dissuade you from dreaming big; just make goals you know are attainable in the year you are setting them for. So without further adieu, lets get to it!

Stay True to Yourself

Let’s face it we all get a little lost sometimes. Especially as a mother, I admittedly get so wrapped up in what my kids are doing, I forget about myself!

The first step in setting goals for yourself, is taking inventory of who you truly are. Not just at a surface level; but your interests, how you interact with others and essentially what you stand for as an individual. Your passion lies behind what you are willing to achieve in your life. You are the only person who can change your bad habits and develop new, healthy ones. We have to understand our faults to grow from them. Let’s talk about how you can do that. Myer-Briggs Indicator Test (MBTI) takes an introspective look at who we are psychologically. Trust me…it’s so worth taking! This test was developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. It is an awesome personality test, that will give you results (after taking a questionnaire) about how you perceive the world around you, as well as how you make decisions. Just for the interest of sharing, I am an INFJ-A, which stands for: Introversion-Sensing-Feeling-Judging-Advocate. All these characteristics tell me who I am as an individual, and some of my characteristics include: insightful, creative, lover of language & symbols, inspiring & persevering.

Here’s the FREE link to take your test: Take the test, but also take the time to read about the history of it. It’s a very interesting and informative read! Here’s a quick link to that as well:

Align Your Goals with Who YOU Want to Become

Our friends and family are great influences in our lives, not to mention the influence of the many public figures in our society. However, we have to remember our individual uniqueness! Your goals may or may not be the same as the next person, but ultimately, you are going to tackle a goal in a different way. You will add your own distinct finesse. Never take for granted what you are capable of. Guide yourself in the direction of change that aligns with who you see yourself becoming! As human beings we tend to have the horrible habit of self degradation and this inevitably steers us away from change. Let’s STOP that HERE AND NOW! We are ever-evolving beings and in order to keep moving forward, we must have confidence in our abilities. Most importantly, do not compare your goals to match your neighbor’s. Although we share many common threads with those we love, our lives will never be exactly the same. We must relish in the fact of how wonderful it is to be different from one another!

Let’s Be Practical

There were many resolutions I’ve made in the past that were grandiose in nature. New year, new me…right?!?! No! What I was really left with were mountains to climb that left me, well, overwhelmed to say the least! Look at the year ahead of you and figure out what is practical in your life, what is really attainable. There is fine line between attainable goals and unrealistic ones. Like I said before, our potential is only realized when we are willing to put forth the effort. The main point I want to get across to you, is to make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure. Set your goals by all means; achieve greatness! But remember, greatness takes time! Have those goals in mind and finish them in increments. Let me give you a realistic example… one common resolution or goal, is losing weight! Let’s delve into that for just a moment.

We can’t expect ourselves to lose 50 lbs in 2 months. First of all, it’s not healthy and secondly, it’s not maintainable. We have to put in the work day in and day out. We must be willing to work long term! We have to exercise every day, change out nutritional habits and our mentality must shift away from the old habits that made us unhealthy in the first place. Taking every day as it comes will allow us to reach our goal and essentially our health needs for long term success. Anything worthwhile takes effort and in those small simple achievements we will begin to see great change within ourselves! Let’s not strive for instance gratification, rather be ever so grateful for the gift that every day brings!

All’s Well That Ends Well!

Rediscovering who you are this year and maybe even reinventing yourself, will leave you with some bumps and bruises along the way. Don’t be discouraged; everyone has their trails with one thing or another! Remember you are not alone in your journey. We are unique from one another, but the love we put out there in the world can help guide someone in the right direction of their beautiful journey they have just committed to embark on! Don’t shy away from the challenges this new year has to offer. Embrace them with open arms and never forget how truly special you are!


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am so excited to be able to share my journey with you! We live in a time that people forget how much they are loved, it’s truly a shame. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but it’s a nice concept to know we can slow our thoughts and reduce our stress in so many ways! We must take the time to introspectively reflect on what we can do to improve the quality of life around us and learn to apply different self-care techniques. By doing this we will come to live a more fulfilled life. As a society, we must continually be inspired to do good and maintain an altruistic attitude. When we are willing to learn and share our passions with others, we can truly live with intention! 

Allow yourself to be an agent of change for those around you. Be an inspiration and example of love to your friends, colleagues, spouse, children and neighbors! Just allow your light to shine; because within us all lies great potential to be wonderful human beings. 

We must find a balance between giving and nourishing ourselves; spiritually, mentally and physically. I can tell you from experience, if you pour from an empty cup, the result could be destructive.  We must find a healthy balance and find joy in the “give and take” that is life!

I will share my raw thoughts and experiences. Honesty is key to service and self care, and I believe wholeheartedly that we must strive to always be honest with ourselves. We must be cognizant of our own needs and recognize our talents; do not underestimate your potential for greatness!

Thank you for taking the time to read! 

Love yourself and one another with all your might, mind and strength!